Construction and Real Estate

B-8 Drone is about much more than just drones

B-8 Drone uses multiple technologies to capture high resolution photographic and computer images. Our business started with drones but quickly expanded to allow us to capture any project in the construction and real estate markets.

  • Drone Technology: Drones allow the positioning of a camera in places that would otherwise be impractical. We use drones to capture an aerial perspective of a project. Drones also allow fast, accurate mapping of a jobsite that supports detailed measurement of points, distances, areas and volumes.
  • 3D Computer Point Clouds: Accurate 3D surface models are created from drone mapping data to provide a dimensionally accurate and fully interactive model of the jobsite.
  • 360 degree Spherical Images: Specialized cameras allow us to capture interactive spherical images that can be rotated in any direction, can be zoomed in and out and allow flat image capture from any view.
  • DSLR Photography: Standard high resolution digital photography


Technical Documentation of progress and as-built conditions supported by a full featured software backend that brings high value to the image data.

Real Estate

Professional photography including inside, outside, aerial and twilight.

Every job is unique. B-8 Drone works with you to customize our services to best suit your needs.

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