Replace existing inefficient processes

Save Time and Money

Put your data to work

Current processes are Inefficient

  • Written reports are time consuming, inefficient and prone to misinterpretation.
  • Cell phone pictures aren’t free. They consume valuable construction resources, provide limited site coverage, and create a data management nightmare.
  • Neither option provides communication, productivity or project management tools.
  • Current documentation methods consume high value resources yet yield only low value data.

There is a better way!

  • B-8 Drone’s documentation services uses zero of your resources.
  • We provide image-based documentation to virtually eliminate misunderstanding.
  • We can cover 100% of your jobsite – inside and out – nothing missed.
  • Jobsite data is accessed through a secure, controlled access website.
  • On-line access is simple and intuitive making finding what you need quick and easy.
  • On-line data can be accessed on any device at any time.
  • We provide all data management, back-up and archiving.
  • Project downloads allow storing all data on your internal server.

Images are low value unless you have the right tools – B-8 Drone supplies those tools

  • Add mark-ups, annotations and conversations linked to a location.
  • Automatically generate and track a list of mark-ups.
  • Directly measure points, lengths, areas and volumes.
  • Track volume changes over time.
  • Add attachments linked to a location.
  • Enhance communication wtih stakeholders and the project team.

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