Digital Record

Bringing your physical project into the digital world:

It starts with 360 spherical photography. A specialized camera captures spherical images that can be rotated in any direction and zoomed in or out. A single spherical image takes the place of at least 6 standard images and is highly efficient at documenting the project. 360 images are supplemented with aerial and ground-based 2D images to capture 100% of your site—nothing missed. 

The capture process uses ZERO of your valuable construction resources—B-8 Drone does it all.

You access the digital version of your project on-line from any device, at anytime, from anywhere.

Finding what you need when you need it is simple and intuitive:

  • Access the project site
  • Select the date of interest from a drop-down list
  • Select the floorplan of interest from a drop-down list
  • See the floorplan with image locations marked—click on the desired location to see the interactive 360 image

Just like “Google Street View” for your project.

Creating a digital version of your project:

 Project Set-Up—Off Site:

  • Supply project plans to B-8 Drone
  • B-8 Drone will extract site and floor plans and simplify them for easier viewing
  • B-8 Drone will set-up the on-line project workspace
  • Floor plans and project set-up are required prior to the initial site survey

Site Survey—On-Site:

  • B-8 Drone will capture all required images to document 100% of your site
  • B-8 Drone will capture any supplemental aerial and ground based 2D images needed to document the site
  • The number of site surveys conducted is client and project specific
  • All site surveys are easily accessed from the on-line project workspace

Data Management—Off-Site:

  • B-8 Drone will upload all images to the on-line project space
  • The digital project is now available for viewing, sharing, and editing
  • B-8 Drone will back-up all original data off line on multiple independent hard drives

Permanent Off-Line Archive—Off-Site:

  • At the end of project, download a fully interactive, permanent copy of the project file, complete with all supplemental images and attachments. 
  • Creates a permanent project archive.