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Drones can quickly capture a set of high resolution images that can be processed with photogrammetry to create an accurate and detailed map of your site.

There are two main outputs from photogrammetry:

  • An Orthomosaic image
  • A 3D point cloud computer model


This is a geo-referenced, 2D, straight down view of the site. It is oriented to the compass and contains GPS coordinate data. 

The orthomosaic allows accurate measurement of location, length, area and volume.

The orthomosaic is used to indicate location based mark-ups and attachments.


Point Cloud:

A point cloud is a 3D computer model. It can be rotated to view in any direction and zoomed in or out. 

The point cloud adds the 3rd dimension to establish elevation data.

The elevation data can be used to create contour mapping of the site.

Many of the tools described on the Tools page act on the orthomosaic and/or the 3D point cloud. 

Aerial mapping and the supported calculations are accurate—But this is not surveying and cannot be used for any legal purposes.