Digital data is valuable because it supports computer processing. B-8 Drone supplies tools that work with the digital version of your project to improve efficiency, provide new capabilities and lower cost.


Intuitive Navigation: Quickly find what you need when you need it. 

Enhanced Sharing: Easily share project data with your team and stakeholders. 

Universal Access: Access your project on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Controlled Access: Controlled access to project data keeps your project secure.

Definable User Roles: Give individual users view-only or full edit capabilities.

Multiple Simultaneous Users: An unlimited number of users can simultaneously view the project supporting on-line meetings with users in multiple locations.

Automatic Date Stamp: All images are automatically date stamped

Automatic Image Naming: All images are automatically named with the image location.

Assignable Categories: Categories can be assigned to several data types to group common data.

Project History: With repeated site documentation, a project history is created, stored and accessed from a single point. 

Mark-up Tools: Several tools are available to define mark-ups.

Location Based Mark-ups: All mark-ups are tied to a specific location.

Automatic Mark-up List Creation: A project level list of all mark-ups is automatically generated.

Automatic Mark-up List to Project Location Link: Items in the mark-up list have a link to their entry data and location. One click goes from the list to the location.

Location Based Attachments: Many file types, image, video, PDF etc., can be linked to a specific date and location within the project.

Split Screen Comparison: Compare project status from two different dates on a single screen.

Plan Overlays: Overlay project plans on actual conditions.

Location Marks: Identify coordinate location and elevation.

Direct Measurements: Get accurate measurements of length, area and volume.

Surface Profiles: See the surface profile along a specified path.

3D Point Cloud: Create and download 3D point clouds of the project area.

Contour Files: Create and download contour maps of the project area.